About the Writer

You are so busy that you cannot sit down and write about your business. You need to be working in your business, not on your business. Content marketing is an art. You can’t just write about any little ol’ thing that crosses your mind; you need focus and a message that you want to convey to get the right customer, your customer. Spend your valuable time on what you do best and let a pro writer take care of the rest.

Writer, Freelance Writer, Ghost Writer

Whether you have a lawn service or you are an IT firm, the right words can be found to get your website noticed. No flub here!

Have you wanted to write your book? It can be taken care of here as well. It’s your lifelong dream so don’t put it off a moment more.

Who is Valerie the Writer?

Great question! Valerie Rivera has a Masters in Business Administration. She also has several years as a freelance writer and graphic designer under her belt. She has helped companies change their product descriptions to bland to WOW. AND… she has over nine years of sales and operations experience in an apparel manufacturing environment. Her expertise and passion for writing will impress you. (Not to mention she’s bilingual in Spanish)

Still not sure?

It’s okay… it’s not every day you trust your business to someone else. Give Valerie a chance.  Contact her for a writing test today.  What do you have to lose? And if you love her (because we know you will), you will be in for a beautiful partnership.

Experience in the following:

Adobe Creative Suite, Content Marketing Writer, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, HootSuite, HTML, Buffer, Latergramme, Social Media Marketing, video copy, web copy, brochures, flyers, resumes, white papers, standard operating procedure manuals, ghostwriting, and more!

If you’re interested in reading her blog, visit http://valsbytes.com.

Now offering translation services in Spanish and Portuguese.  

Contact Val today for more information.



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