• September 18, 2015

Winter Park

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Orlando, Florida is not just for those wanting to visit the mouse or ride the train that takes you to Hogwarts, it’s also a place with history, a growing food culture, and natural beauty.

If you want to take a step off the beaten path, one of the best places to stay near Orlando, Florida is Winter Park. It is only 10 minutes from downtown. After driving by the beautiful Rollins College campus, you will be able to tell you aren’t in Kansas anymore.

Start your adventure off on Saturday morning at their famous farmer’s market, where you can try artisan foods and check out the local vendors. When leaving, make sure to walk through the beautiful rose garden that takes you straight onto Park Avenue. After all the walking, take a load off and jump onto the scenic boat tour on the Winter Park chain of Lakes that is within walking distance. The true beauty of Florida will fill your senses with beautiful flowers and old, majestic homes. No worries, the gators can’t get you on the boat.

Being out on the open water would definitely start up some sort of hunger pang. It’s a good thing that Park Avenue is full of top-notch restaurants. I would recommend the cheese platter at Park South 310, or chef inspired food at Luma on Park, or if you want something sweet, have some artisan chocolates at Peterbrooke Chocolatier. Don’t forget to walk off all of the food by taking a stroll past many shops down Park Avenue.

One of my favorite places to let the hours go by is at the Wine Room on Park Avenue, especially after a day of walking. They have a huge selection so no need to commit to just one unless you really like it. I have found some of my new favorite wines at the Wine Room.

Winter Park is just one place that you can escape the chaos of crazy lines and costumed characters. There are so many other gems in Orlando that tend to get missed. I would highly recommend taking a day to enjoy what Orlando, Florida has to offer.

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