• September 18, 2015

Tips on Sneaking in Your Best Friend

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Tips on Sneaking Your Best Friend, Wine, into the Movie Theater

You’re ready to go to the movies but you don’t want to forget your best friend, wine. So how do you get it into the movie theater without being inconspicuous? Here are some tips:

  1. If your wine has a cork, it would be smart to transfer it to another bottle. Something that is not clear would work best. Make sure this bottle has some sort of seal so that it doesn’t leak into whatever you stash it in.
  2. Put the bottle into that really cute boho purse you have in the closet. No one will expect your fashion statement would have your tasty treat enclosed.
  3. Buy your ticket, walk to the theater, walk in, choose a seat, wait until the movie is just about to start, take out your bottle, and enjoy the movie while you sip.

This surefire method will work every time. Enjoy!

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